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How to Do The Proper Tik Tok Video Download Sharechat

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The share chat tik tok video download methods have been searched following the increased level of interest. If you’re not familiar, ShareChat is one of the most popular social media in India. People use it to share their thoughts in the form of images and videos. As a video-sharing site, the platform has so many unique and innovative creators. Surely, there’s a chance that you want to download their videos either for content or personal saving. To do tik tok video download sharechat, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Is It Possible to do tik tok video download sharechat?
  2. How to Download Videos from Social Media
  3. Tutorials On Using SmallTik
  4. Why You Need to Try SmallTik

Is It Possible to do tik tok video download sharechat?

If you are a long-time ShareChat user, then there’s a high possibility that you’ll be looking into the methods to sharechat tik tok video download. ShareChat, as we know it, has a bunch of features that can connect us to others. Through a simple media platform, we can simply look at what others are doing, and gain new information at the same time.

If you want to save videos or images on ShareChat, you can actually use one of its features. You just need to click the Star on the corner of the post. Once clicked, the particular post will be saved under the ShareChat gallery, which you can view anytime you want, even offline. 

However, the videos seem to have a watermark in them, which for some people, is a bit annoying. People want to download the videos mostly for content. The watermark could ruin the video’s aesthetic since they will constantly cover the content at all times. So, to remove the watermark, you certainly need a sharechat tik tok video Hindi downloader, one of which is SmallTik.


How to Download Videos from Social Media

SmallTik is one of those platforms that can help you to download ShareChat videos cleanly. That means, the downloaded videos won’t have watermarks in them, which is nice if you want to create new content.

SmallTik exists as a downloader website, which is accessible through PC, smartphones, and tablets. All you need to do is to open the site, paste the videos’ URLs, and download them right away. This simplicity is what makes people love it.

Tutorials On Using SmallTik

To use SmallTik to do tik tok video sharechat download, there are some simple steps you need to do. We divide the steps into two main categories, one for PC, and the other for phones. So, let us start with the first one:

How to do tik tok video download sharechat on PC

If you want to do the tik tok video download sharechat on PC, then you need to know that you need to first access the web version of ShareChat or TikTok. This could make the whole process a lot faster and easier since you don’t have to switch on using your phone just for copying the URL. So, we highly suggest opening the web version of the particular social media to make the process quicker.

  1. Open the web version of ShareChat or TikTok
  2. Find the particular videos you want to download
  3. Then, simply copy the videos’ URLs by clicking Share
  4. You can, however, copy the whole thing by clicking the user’s profile, and selecting all the videos
  5. After you copied the URLs, now access the SmallTik’s website
  6. Paste the links there, and start downloading the videos
  7. Wait after the whole process is finished
  8. Then, to find the results, you can go to the Download folder on your PC.

How to Download Videos on PC on Android & iOS

Steps to do share chat tik tok video download on phones are quite similar to the methods on PC. The only difference is the usage of the social media’s versions, which is now we want to use the app version instead of the web.

After opening the app, you can start copying any videos you want to download. For further explanation, see the tutorials below:

  1. To start sharechat tik tok video download, first open the ShareChat application installed on your phone
  2. Then, you may select any creators’ accounts, and click their videos
  3. You can pick some, or the whole list of videos they have created
  4. Copy the URLS of those videos
  5. Open the SmallTik website, and paste the links on the given box
  6. Start downloading the videos by clicking Download
  7. After the whole process is finished, find the results within the Download folder

Now after doing the whole process of sharechat tik tok video Hindi download, you can use the videos either for personal use, or creative purpose. Be free to re-edit the videos into new, interesting content. But remember, you need to ask the permission of the creators because if not, it can be easily called content stealing, which will ruin your image.

Why You Need to Try SmallTik

The best reasons to use SmallTik besides its functionality are to support the easier process to do tik tok video sharechat download is the free-of-charge service which everyone can enjoy. It offers an easy and intuitive user interface that’s easy to understand and operate. It also works wonderfully to remove the watermarks naturally. So, it’s the easiest choice for any social media content downloads.