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How to TikTok App Download in Your Country on iPhone, Android, Desktop

    how to save tiktok without watermark 2022

    TikTok was on the way to becoming the favorite App of the decade, or arguably it was one of the most famous apps of the decade. However, even the most famous App got banned in many countries for many reasons. But how can users TikTok App download even if their country banned it? Do you want to know? Then look below you will find out different methods for different devices also. The tool will allow you to download the TikTok video with no watermark.

    How I can download the App TikTok on my device when my country is banned App

    TikTok app is currently banned in 9 countries, and India is one of them after the border dispute with China. But People appreciated the TikTok app more than enough to create a craze in the masses, which leads us to today’s topic ” How can your TikTok App downloaded on any device including the iPhone, Android, and Desktop.” Users cannot just go to Play Store or an App Store and App TikTok download with ease unless you can use it by your Nation. However, you can follow the given steps to understand how you can download TikTok App in your country.

    On IOS Devices

    Suppose you have an IOS device such as iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (specifical devices with Apple’s iPhone operating system). It specifically excludes the Mac. Likewise known as “iDevice” or “iThing.” Then you may have the simplest way to App download TikTok and access it even if it is banned in your country. And you can follow the steps below to watch unlimited funny, romantic, entertaining TikTok videos.

    1. Go to the app store from your ISO device. Click on your profile picture on the left side of the top screen.
    2. Now, you should choose your name, email Id from account settings, Nation, and region. Then tap on the “Change Country or Region” switch.
    3. To download the App, you need to choose the Nation that hasn’t prohibited using the TikTok app.
    4. Click on the “Agree” for terms and conditions, also select payment method “none.”
    5. Input an address of the country of your choice in the billing address quote.

    Now tap on the following choice, and that’s how you have accomplished the task you need to do before downloading the official TikTok app.  

    On Android Devices

    Android users have to do much work compared with IOS device users. However, they have 2 methods to get work done. But both methods are not illegal. The priority method is by Downloading TikTok directly from the browser, and the next one is wiping out the data, along with the use of a VPN. Let’s look into them one by one.

    With Apk

    • First, you need to download the apk directly from the browser. Open the browser and search for the latest TikTok apk.
    • Now download the apk and install the application by giving the necessary permissions to the browser and App.
    • After installation, you can watch videos as long as you wish. But remember to log into the account first, because if you didn’t have the account before, you should use the desktop version.

    With VPN

    The Last option for Android users is to wipe out the complete data of your phone and reset it. Now get the VPN access and App download TikTok even in a banned country like India.

    But there is still a concern as we have already consulted unique users who can no longer download the App through the classic app stores on their smartphones. The only way to utilize a VPN is to access your phone or computer assistance.

    On Desktop Devices

    A desktop device such as a computer, Laptop has any OS. Only one desktop user can access, watch, or download TikTok App Love, Romantic, Entertaining videos with no hold.

    First, you need to access a free VPN service or Paid. Usually, free versions are not trusted by the masses, but you can use them with no problem.

    Then, how to use the tool that can download the TikTok video without a watermark? You can achieve it by following the steps below.

    • Copy the TikTok video link, whichever you like.
    • Now open the browser no matter the device, search for our advanced SmallTik tool, and paste the link in the inbox.
    • Click the download button.

    There you have it. You have finally downloaded TikTok App successfully and also learned to Download the TikTok video without a watermark.