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All you need is just one link to download videos from TikTok, remove watermark ,and download TikTok MP3 with smallTik

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Download TikTok MP4 with TikTok video Downloader

  1. Search TikTok and open the website. Scroll down and select to down video TikTok of your choice.
  2. Open the video and Copy the URL from the share option.
  3. Now go into another tap, Open SmallTik. Paste the URL.
  4. Click on the download, and a watermark less video will appear in your computer download files.

Professional Features of TikTok Downloader No Watermark

To provide you with the most professional video TikTok downloader, with no watermarks, no restrictions, and no fees, you can download watermark-free videos without logging in. Support ios, Android, PC, Mac, and other common devices, we continue to optimize the download steps to provide you with the shortest download path.

TikTok Downloader that Supports Various Devices

You can use any mobile device in your hand to download TikTok without a watermark, the common ones are iPhone and Android

The Easiest TikTok Downloader

We keep optimizing the online TikTok downloader to provide you with the easiest way to download, just 4 steps to download a no-watermark TikTok video

TikTok Downloader that Supports Various Formats

MP3 TikTok downloader and MP4 TikTok downloader can be used on one page, no need to switch repeatedly

What is TikTok Downloader?

Tik Tok downloader is a tool for downloading TikTok videos or music online. In recent years, it has become popular with short video Apps such as TikTok. Currently, there are two types, one is to download directly through the website, the other is to download the Tik Tok downloader App, and then download it in the App. However, the process of using these two ways is the same, both are downloaded through the TikTok video link, and the technical principle is to parse the video file played online to the local. Since the original Tik Tok video file is parsed, what the users saved finally are all Tik Tok videos without watermark. We have seen dozens of TikTok video download tools on the market, all the functions are almost the same, and even the usage process is the same, so if you need to download videos, any TikTok download tool can satisfy you.

Why do You Need to Use Tik Tok Downloader?

We analyze the usage habits of users for the following reasons: first is the need for content creation. Many TikTok creators need video materials to create new videos. Of course, they also need Tik Tok MP3 to make background music. The second is that some authors create TikTok videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms in addition to TikTok. They download TikTok videos and publish them on other platforms. At this time, they need to remove TikTok watermark. The third is that in some areas, the Internet speed is relatively slow, and they will download the video to the local to play.

What are the Characteristics of a Good TikTok Downloader?

The first is simple to use, it can be downloaded without extra operations. It would be better if it could be used for free. However, in addition to the TikTok downloader 4K having a paid function, other TikTok downloaders can download TikTok videos for free now. The second is to protect privacy security. Privacy security has always been the most important part of Internet security. Any tool that provides TikTok download services should protect data security strictly. The third is that the service is stable. Some websites may not be able to download, so it is also very important to choose a tool with better technology.

People Often Ask

How to download TikTok videos on Laptop?

Using SmallTiK downloader to download TikTok videos on Laptop is as easy as PC, copy the link and go to any page in SmallTik to download it normally, and you can also learn about our PC download detailed process.

How can I download TikTok videos after ban?

Open the TikTok app on your phone, find the menu bar, open the personalization settings in privacy and security, choose to download your app data, and then request the data file.

How many videos can be converted with this application?

The app has absolutely no limit on the number of Tiktok videos you can convert. You can convert and download any number of videos using Snaptikvideo’s Tiktok converter tool.

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