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Removing  Watermark  from TikTok to Video Download  Is possible ?

    tiktok downloader no watermark

    TikTok has been one of the fastest-growing social platforms in the technology era. Now, the whole app is based on music videos and other types of videos. The video content on TikTok is unlimited and can be utilized in millions of places. But, converting TikTok to video download usually comes with its watermark sign which is not very appealing.  

    So, downloading a TikTok video in high quality without a watermark is an important thing, fortunately, there are various apps available that can make this task possible out of which SmallTik is the fastest growing one.  

    1. Significant features of SmallTik app
    2. How to download the TikTok video with no watermark 
    3. Why Choose the SmallTik App for No Watermark?

     Significant Features of SmallTik App

    The main aim of technology is to make everything as much simpler as possible. It is not only efficient but a simple reading app. Its key characteristics are: 

    Free app profile 

    The first and foremost initial of this app that appeals to the user is that it is a free app. Now, being a free app does not mean that it will not be high in quality. Instead, it provides the user a premium quality experience which is very rare. SmallTik aims to deliver happiness through videos in an accessible and effective way.  

    Customer’s privacy safety 

    SmallTik has the standard policy to protect user privacy. Now, it is a necessary thing as the user feels safe while using the app. More overly, there will be no technical or any other issue which really secures the customer policy.  

    Simplified app processing 

    Often users think that if they want to download a TikTok video without a watermark, they have to go through some incommodious process. But through SmallTik, you can download the video by just opening it and using it without any difficult instructions or codes.  

    Minimize traffic 

    SmallTik has a technology mechanism that will automatically select that file that is small in size. So it will save the user’s storage and traffic.  

    How to Download the TikTok Video with No Watermark?

    The instructive steps are very easy and simple to follow and to understand. Now, the steps are more or less similar in android, PC, and IOS, but they just have a slight distinction. That is why we are going to provide you with separate sections of TikTok video to download for each so that you do not get confused.  

    Android software utilization to download

    1. First, you just have to open the TikTok app so that you can discover the video you want to download without any watermark.  
    2. After opening the video, you will see an arrow button at the bottom right corner. A pop-up instruction list will appear.  
    3. Select the number one button and simply copy the URL of the video.  
    4. Now, let it be copied and on the other side, open the SmallTik app website in the android browser.  
    5. Paste the URL in the input app box and click download. The video will get downloaded without a watermark.  

    The format of the TikTok video to download is a high-quality MP4. And the video will be downloaded default folder set by you in the browser.  

    PC software utilization to download

    1. Open the TikTok app on your PC, and go to the video you want to download. 
    2. After that, a URL button will appear on the right side  
    3. Press the button.  
    4. Open the website, paste the URL, and the video will get downloaded. 
    5. The downloaded video file will appear at the browser bottom. Just open the video from there.  

    IOS software utilization to download

    Here are the instructions to download TikTok video without watermark for iPhone or iPad:  

    1. Before going onto the video, you first have to download documents by readdle the app through the app store. As, after 12IOS software, the user cannot download videos directly from the browser.  
    2. Open the TikTok app, and to the selected video.  
    3. Click the arrow button at the bottom right corner, select the first button and simply copy the URL.  
    4. Open the readdle app 
    5. Also, open the SmallTik app on the mobile browser.  
    6. Paste the URL and download the video.  

    All these three ways are pretty simple and easy to use. You do not have any kind of major intellect to carry out things and to follow the instructions. With just a simple and single click you can get a no watermark TikTok video with secured privacy, efficiency, and simplicity.  

    Why Choose the SmallTik App for No Watermark?

    entertainment purposes but also as an earning niche. The popularity of this app is due to the prevalence of its never-ending trends such as popular songs, videos, dance or lifestyle challenges, and many more. These videos are a source of happiness, and joy for people. And to spread it from place to place, you need to have it without the watermark.  


    But this is not a major problem anymore, as you can have it with just one minor click. Many apps are performing this task, but the number one is SmallTik due to its simplicity, and practical use. It makes it able to convert download video to TikTok format.