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Remove TikTok App Video Watermark Online Free

    how to save tiktok without watermark 2022

    TikTok has committed to becoming one of the numerous famous websites by 2021 defeating Google. You will have experienced the TikTok watermark and the video designer’s name or user is automatically connected to the shared or downloaded video by using TikTok like a watermark.

    But if you wish to use this TikTok on other sites of social media like Instagram etc, or if you don’t like to post your video along with the watermark of your TikTok, it will be removed. It will not be an easy task to remove the watermark of the TikTok video for some people.

    In this article, you will learn how to remove the watermark for your TikTok videos practically. You will know about the step-by-step procedure to remove the watermark of your video on your device like smartphones laptops etc on the browser you use in your daily routine.

    List of some Tools that will Help You Remove Watermark TikTok Online in this Task

    Snap Tik

    This website will not store your identity as it doesn’t require that signup so you are free to use it.

    1. First of all, open the browser that you are using like chrome, search for SnapTik on the browser then you will find the website of SnapTik.
    2. After that open that website you will be asked for the link of video for which you have to remove the watermark, copy the link of your video and paste in that box, click the button of download.
    3. You will be provided with different options; you have to choose all you have to do is to click on “Download Server 01”. If there will be no progress then you may click on “Download Server 02”

    Download popup will appear, you will have to confirm. Video will be started to download. is another popular site to remove the watermark of videos on TikTok, the main advantage of using this site is you don’t have to sign up so that you will not be identified, but there is a disadvantage that you will have a limit of just 500 MBs

    If you don’t like to remove the watermark of your TikTok video from Snaptik, you can try this, this will surely impress you. You can remove the watermark of your TikTok video of any format. All you have to do is to select the watermark then the system will work to remove the watermark. Besides this, you will be provided with the options of cut, crop, or remove words, etc.

    Here are some instant steps that will help you to remove the TikTok watermark online

    1. Open your web browser, search for select the option of files, and upload the video for which you want to change the watermark of the video by using this TikTok water remover online.
    2. After uploading the file, click to add location and cut the loop tool on the screen that will fill the portion that contains the watermark.
    3. Now you are free to remove the watermark of TikTok online, which will clear the watermark of TikTok.


    This is another tool to remove watermark from any TikTok video. If you have a video to download from TikTok, but the watermark on the video is unwanted you can use this tool. All you need to do is to copy the link of the TikTok video and paste it on the site of TikMate. As the video will start to download the watermark from your video will automatically be removed. This video will be automatically downloaded on your device without any watermark

    The plus point that you will get by using this site is, the quality of the video will remain the same.

    This tool will remove the TikTok watermark from video online which doesn’t require any software to do so. The only disadvantage is when you are using the tool, some ads will disrupt the procedure of removing the watermark.


    This tool is well known as an online TikTok watermark remover, it offers you the opportunity to remove watermarks from any kind of video in any format. Many different procedures can be adopted to remove the watermark. Besides this, this site can be used to edit the videos like you can trim, filter, or add different kinds of captions, etc on your video.

    Method to use this tool as an online TikTok watermark remover

    There can be many different ways that can be adapted to remove the watermark of your video by using FlexClip, we will tell you the simplest methods that will assist you to do so.

    Procedure#1: You can remove the TikTok watermark online by cropping it.

    Procedure#1: You can remove the TikTok watermark online by covering it.