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Google Download Video TikTok in An Easy Way through Online Website

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    The era of TikTok is not new to millions of users, and getting Google download video TikTok, millions of users try hard to get their hands on user-friendly websites. However, not everyone knows what benefits you can get from sites, especially this one SmallTik website. If you ever use it once to Google download TikTok video, you will never use another app or site to get work done just in a few movements.

    1. Benefits of Using the Website Instead of Application
    2. How to Get a TikTok Video Link Even If it is Banned in Your Country?
    3. How can I Download the TikTok Video Online with on Application

    Benefits of Using the Website Instead of Application

    Everyone knows it is ok Google to download video TikTok for frequent use. But why it is better than Application? Here is the catch!

    Applications often take the load on our device battery, whether IOS, Android, or Desktop device, no anomaly. Apps also drain the battery life of appliances, causing them to heat up bit by bit. Nonthematter less, Applications are always not safe to use, as there is always danger that an anomalous third is cleaning their hands on your data or sending your personal files to another third party. We don’t act with caution while downloading any app and granting permissions.

    In the recent decade, many popular apps have become infamous over time and peeled out our eyes without a doubt. However, to benefit from these apps, we need to grant them permission which may cause danger to your privacy. On top of that, some apps restrict their usage by applying charges for services. Or by limiting mandatory sign-in in the TikTok app.

    TikTok is already banned in many countries, and other countries like the US, UK, Australia are most likely in the process of putting a temporary ban on it, which has restricted many of us from enjoying entertaining videos for a limited time. But we can also appreciate that laughter and great inspirational dance, acting through downloading the videos directly with a safe and sound path. 

    How to Get a TikTok Video Link Even If it is Banned in Your Country?

    We have acknowledged that TikTok is one of the best ways to pass the time. But how can we get the link to our favorite TiokTok video when the app or website is banned in your country? The solution is quite simple enough to follow with no sweat at all. Just follow the given steps to get your hands on the link that you love to Google download TikTok video. In the next part, we will discuss how can one Google download video TikTok for unlimited time.

    1. Get the VPN (Virtual private network.)Tip: (Any VPN software or app can do the work)
    2. Select the country where the TikTok website is not banned.
    3. Open the TikTok app or the web on your devices.
    4. Click on the share button and copy the link to your device’s clipboard.

    Now you can watch and share the link of your favorite TikTok anywhere, no matter the what. But you can watch for the following part to know “how you can download the TikTok video from any device” within a few seconds. 

    How can I Download the TikTok Video Online with on Application

    “SmallTik” is the best answer to the question! It is a Tool more than a website specialized in allowing the user to download the video directly from TikTok just by going through the little process. Thus you can have the TikTok video without a watermark.

     And You can check the following procedures for your unique device as the process for Windows or Mac OS, IOS, and Android may differ in some aspects; thus, make sure to check out all the methods by any means so you can have the video which you like.

    How to Google the download TikTok video from Windows or Mac OS

    Following the steps to get the one from TikTok, banned countries can get the hands-on video link. And people who are not from those countries can simply open the TikTok web and copy the link. After copying the link, you can follow the given step to get the video with no watermark.

    1. Search for the SmallTik tool and open it on the browser.
    2. Now, paste the link in the input box and click the download button.
    3. Check wheater the download is started or not; if not, then repeat the process.

    How to Google the download TikTok video from Android Phone

    After following the instructions of copying the link for the TikTok video.

    Open the “SmallTik” site enter the URL, and hit the download button. There you have your favorite video without the watermark.

    How to Google the download TikTok video from iOS device

    The process is the same as an android device for the ISO devices such as iPhone or iPad. Just make sure that you choose the proper default file to download the video in the browser’s setting.