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TikTok Save, Video Download to Any Device

    tik tok video download apk without watermark

    TikTok video downloading can be complex for people who have little knowledge of technology and the internet. These videos are fun, and you can share them with your friends after downloading them. You can TikTok save video download for later. So, if you don’t know the method to download the videos, we are here to help you out. We will teach you the best techniques to save videos for later easily.

    Some videos do not allow downloading, and this is because the person who uploaded those videos doesn’t want you to. You can download those videos by using SmallTik. SmallTik is a website that allows free TikTok video downloading. No need to input your TikTok account or any other information in it. Just use the link to the video and download it.

    1. Download TikTok Videos
    2. Download Videos without Watermark
    3. About SmallTik
    4. Conclusion

    Download TikTok Videos

    There are two types of videos on TikTok, regular videos and videos that do not allow downloading. Standard videos can be downloaded using TikTok official app, but for other kinds of videos, you need a website like SmallTik. Save TikTok video download them to your device in just simple steps.

    Normal Video Downloading

    You can download these videos from the official TikTok application. You need a TikTok app, and you can download these videos. If you don’t know the method to download videos from TikTok, read below:

    1. Open the TikTok official app and scroll down to find a video to download.
    2. Click on the Share button at the bottom of the video.
    3. A pop-up window will appear; select the option with an arrow pointing downwards.
    4. Click on the button and download the video.
    5. Video will be downloaded to the selected folder or the default folder.

    Downloading Videos with Privacy

    You will need to take the help of SmallTik to download videos that don’t allow downloading the usual way. The process of downloading these videos is straightforward. Follow our guidelines and download all types of videos to your devices.

    Instructions for PC

    Downloading videos on a PC is easy and fast. You don’t need any extra app. Just a standard web browser, and you will be able to download save video TikTok. Read the following instructions for downloading.

    1. Open a web browser on your computer and visit the TikTok website; if you have the TikTok app, you can use it too.
    2. Select a video and hover pointer over-sharing option, select copy link from the pop-up.
    3. Open the SmallTik website in another tab and paste the link on the given space.
    4. Press the download option on the side and download the video to your computer.

    Instructions for Android

    TikTok is mainly used on Android devices, and downloading regular TikTok videos on android is very easy. You can also download private videos on android, and you just need a web browser and TikTok app. You will be able to save TikTok video download by using the following method:

    1. Open TikTok app and copy the link to the video by pressing the share option.
    2. Select the option with the chain symbol and copy the video link.
    3. Open a browser on the phone and visit the SmallTik website.
    4. Paste the video link on the website and press the download option to download the video.

    Instruction for IOS

    Downloading on IOS can be a little tricky. IOS doesn’t allow downloading from external resources. SO, you need the Readdle app to download your video. You need to have the Readdle app on your IOS device for downloading TikTok videos.

    1. Open the TikTok official application and select the video.
    2. Click on the option with an arrow sign on the bottom, and a pop-up window will appear.
    3. Select the copy link option from the menu.
    4. Open the document from the Readdle application.
    5. Open a web browser and visit the SmallTik website.
    6. Paste the link to the video in the given space and click on the download option on the right.
    7. The video will start downloading.

    Download Videos without Watermark

    Save TikTok video download them without any watermark. You cannot save videos from the official app without a watermark. For that, you need external help. Apps allow downloading from TikTok without a watermark, but those apps are dangerous. They pose a threat to the privacy of the user. You cannot trust apps from external resources because they can steal your data without your knowledge.

    SmallTik is an easy-to-use website that can help you download videos without a watermark. Watermark is located mainly on the bottom right side of the videos. So you can get rid of that watermark to free videos from a copyright claim. You will need help from SmallTik to do that. Instructions to download videos from SmallTik are available above. You should read them and follow them to download save video TikTok.

    About SmallTik

    SmallTik is a free website that can help you download watermark-free videos from TikTok. It is also helpful in downloading the videos that One cannot download from the TikTok app. The website is free for users and doesn’t require any particular app to do the task. You can download videos by SmallTik with the help of any standard browser. TikTok video save, download the videos without watermark.

    SmallTik has multiple languages, which is helpful to the user. The website has no limit on video downloading, which means you can download unlimited videos in a day. Free HD video downloading at super-speed makes for a good user experience. Suppose you want access to watermark-free TikTok videos. Visit SmallTik now and enjoy.


    The above article provides you with all the methods to TikTok save video download. You can use the techniques mentioned earlier to download and save all types of videos. You cannot download some videos with the TikTok app. So, you can download those videos by following our instructions. SmallTik is very helpful in this matter, as it allows watermark-free video downloading from TikTok. To save TikTok video, download it with the help of SmallTik. You will love how easy it is to use this website. Visit SmallTik to find out.