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The Best Two Methods of TikTok Download PC

how to save a video on tiktok without watermark

Are there TikTok videos you want to save on your PC? So that when you want to watch it again, you know where to find them. It’s easier to search videos in your folder than on the TikTok app, as there are literally thousands if not millions of new videos per minute. However, TikTok only includes a dedicated download button on the TikTok app for smartphones. So, how do you perform TikTok Download PC? This article will guide you to the process of downloading videos from TikTok on your PC. Let’s dive right in!

  1. The Tool
  2. Method 1
  3. Method 2

The Tool

Prepare your PC and internet connection! You don’t need to prepare snacks and coffee, as it takes only a few seconds to finish. But, if there are hundreds of videos you want to download, I suggest you put the snacks on your lap and coffee on your desk while doing it, LOL!

Make sure your PC has the latest version of a browser. Any browser would do but an outdated Internet Explorer. If you use Windows 10 default browser, make sure it is already updated to Microsoft Edge to perform the methods below. Otherwise, any well-known browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera will work perfectly.

The next thing you need is a free online tool called SmallTik. SmallTik is a tool to remove watermarks from the Tik Tok Download PC. Use the tool whenever you like to download watermark-free videos from TikTok because it’s online. You do not need to register to the website. Just visit the website to use it with no strings attached. SmallTik is a hassle-free tool for the TikTok PC download.

SmallTik lets you download TikTok on PC in MP4 format. MP4 format is compatible with most if not all of the video players. With this compatibility, you can share the downloaded video to any device.

Methods 1

Alright, enough with the tools! Let’s talk about the methods.

This method will let you download TikTok on PC without watermarks. Sometimes you just need to remove the TikTok watermark because it covers a small part of the video that is important. To get rid of that, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Copy the video URL

  • Open your favorite browser to visit the
  • Look for a video to download.
  • Hover the cursor to the bottom right corner of the video to the bent arrow icon.
  • When a new window appears, click the “Copy link” button next to a chain in a red circle icon.

Step 2: Paste the video URL

  • In the new tab of your browser, visit the SmallTik website.
  • Find an input field under the “Download Video TikTok No Watermark” sign at the center of the page.
  • Paste the copied URL on it and click the “Download” button.
  • Wait a moment for the process to finish.
  • Click the “Download as Video” to finish the job.
  • Your video downloading progress will be shown at the bottom left corner of your browser.
  • Once it is finished, you can find it in your download folder.

There you go! You might think that there are plenty of steps to do, but actually, the overall process takes less than a minute to complete. Well, that is the case if we put the process of searching for the right video to download out from the account. LOL! Because let’s admit it, we can easily be distracted by thousands of videos on TikTok while searching for a video worth downloading, right?

Method 2

This method is for those who don’t mind the TikTok watermark on their downloaded videos. I must say, the steps are fewer than method 1. That is because you don’t need to remove watermarks from the video. The only tool you need to get the Tik Tok for PC download is a browser with the TikTok website open. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Open the browser and visit the TikTok website.
  2. Search for a video to download.
  3. Right-click on the said video. A new window will appear.
  4. Find and click the “Save video as” button.
  5. A new window will open.
  6. If you like, you can rename the video in the input field. As well as choosing a folder for the downloaded file.
  7. Click save to start the download process.
  8. Finish.

After the process is complete, your file will be stored in the download folder or your chosen folder.

Those are the methods for PC to TikTok download. So, which one do you prefer? The one with watermarks or the one without? All in all, you can use these methods to download as many TikTok videos as you want. Don’t forget to share this with you.