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The Best Method to Do TikTok Video Download 2022

    TikTok video download 2022 is one of those most-popular topics to talk about in this new year. Although the videos on TikTok do seem interesting to watch, some of us would like to save them within our devices for offline viewing. Saving TikTok videos is easy, but to download them without watermarks, you need to do several things beforehand. If you wish to save those videos without watermarks, there are some things you have to download TikTok videos 2022.

    1. The Usual Way to Save Videos on TikTok
    2. Using The Alternative, SmallTik
    3. What Are The Advantages
    4. Reasons to Use SmallTik

    The Usual Way to Save Videos on TikTok

    In the era where everything is connected and shared to the internet, who doesn’t know TikTok? As a video-sharing app, it has successfully been the pioneer of short videos feature which we may now find on multiple popular social media platforms.

    Users can upload their videos for certain long durations, mostly fifteen seconds. Within that span of time, they can freely create any content they wish, as long as it doesn’t violate the terms and rules applied on the platform.

    If you are looking for a way to do TikTok video download 2022, the platform actually provides a way to do just that. Now, if you want to download any videos with watermarks included, you can simply click the three dots on the corner of the video and select Save. This way, you can download the particular video into the TikTok Gallery, which is also accessible offline.

    Although everything seems easy, there’s one thing you need to know. Although the videos can be downloaded straightforwardly, the watermarks are still there on each of every video you have saved. So, you can see the watermark hovering above the video each time you play it. Thus, some people feel a bit off about this since most would want videos that are free from watermarks.

    There’s only a simple way to do this, which is using the third-party app designed by the parties outside of TikTok. By copying the video’s link and pasting it on their platforms, you can download TikTok videos without watermarks.

    Among the other choices of video-downloading platforms, we highly recommend using SmallTik, the light and easy-to-use platform for downloading any TikTok videos without watermarks. What’s the reason for using this site instead of others? Let’s find out.

    Using The Alternative, SmallTik

    SmallTik can be seen as a website for downloading TikTok videos. Offering simplicity through an easy-to-digest interface, SmallTik tries its best to fit in with the general market. Downloading TikTok videos is made as easy as possible on this platform, with only a click.

    If you want to try to download TikTok videos 2022 using SmallTik, we want to share two methods to do that. Specifically, we want to share how to use SmallTik on multiple platforms. So, let us start with ways to use SmallTik on the PC.

    Downloading TikTok Videos Using SmallTik on PC

    Since we’ll need to have the TikTok videos’ links, we need a way to somehow open the TikTok app on PC. To relieve you from installing an Android emulator to open the app, we highly suggest using the web version of TikTok. Sure, the features are limited, but we only need to copy the videos’ links; that’s what matters.

    1. Open the TikTok web, and do the login as usual.
    2. Now access the creator’s profile, and find the videos there.
    3. You can either copy the creator’s profile link to download all the videos or go to each video and copy the links individually.
    4. Either way, you need to copy those links.
    5. Then, open SmallTik on any search engine you have.
    6. Paste the copied links on the given space
    7. Wait for the process to finish. Don’t worry; it won’t take long.
    8. Now find the results on the Download or Videos folder on your PC

    Downloading TikTok Videos Using SmallTik on Smartphones

    Either using Android or iPhone, the method to use SmallTik on portable devices is still the same. Since it’s possible now to open the TikTok app, feel free to do so.

    1. Open the TikTok first, or update first if you have to
    2. Open the creator’s profile, whoever you like
    3. Similar to the steps above, you can copy the profile’s link or select each of the videos
    4. Copy the videos’ links
    5. Open SmallTik website
    6. Paste the links there, and select Download
    7. After the process is done, now you can see the results in the Download folder or Gallery app.

    What Are The Advantages

    Aside from the easiness and quicker downloading process, using SmallTik is better since it has many benefits that you may take. For example, it’s able to produce high-quality TikTok videos without watermarks. The site is also free to access, which allows you to download any TikTok videos without a single charge. As you may see on the steps above, the downloading process is already made as easy as possible for all users. What they need to do is to only copy the links and start to download TikTok videos 2022.

    Reasons to Use SmallTik

    By seeing what it’s capable of in the explanation above, we think it’s highly possible that SmallTik could become one of the best platforms for downloading TikTok videos without watermarks. Since everything still remains free, now is the best time to at least try it once.