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How to Download Snap Video Tik Tok Easily without Watermarks

download tiktok video without watermark

Are you one of those people who love to spend their time watching Snap Tik Tok video? Is there a more enjoyable way to watch the content? The ultimate answer is by downloading them. You can use TikTok’s feature to do so, although there are some certain limitations. To fully download TikTok videos in high quality and without watermarks, follow this method to download Snap video tik tok.

  1. Can You Download Videos on TikTok?
  2. Alternative Method Using SmallTik
  3. Why It’s Better
  4. Final Thoughts

Can You Download Videos on TikTok?

Short answer, yes. You can always Snap video tik tok, and TikTok actually has a feature for it. The next time you watch someone’s video, make sure to hit the share button and select the save or save to gallery option. It makes the current video be saved to your phone’s internal storage, or as people call it, the TikTok gallery.

Within the Gallery app, you can see the results of the tik tok Snap video you just downloaded. The file should be presented in MP4 format and can be opened using the media player. Everything seems to be okay until you notice one thing: the video still has a watermark on it.

While it should be minor to no problem to most, there’s a sum of people who despise this. Don’t get us wrong; a watermark is great to show authenticity. They’re there to show people that the video is created by a particular creator. By seeing the watermark, the audience may directly visit the creator, thus increasing the engagement, and eventually, popularity.

But, for some people who’d like to reuse the video for other purposes, the watermark can be a little annoying since they’ll look really bad during editing. Unfortunately, TikTok doesn’t have a feature to remove these watermarks; for the greater good. So, users are left with the external methods to download TikTok videos or SnapTik video youtube.

One of the most convenient methods is by using online platforms in the form of websites. By using these downloaders, you can easily download any videos from TikTok or Youtube without watermarks. Among many choices of good sites, we’d like to recommend one called SmallTik.

Alternative Method Using SmallTik

SmallTik is an online website that’s accessible through all devices. No matter what device you’re using, as long as it can be connected to the internet, then it’s highly possible to access SmallTik. If you want to download some Snap Tik Tok video, you don’t have to install anything nor prepare some storage to do so.

With SmallTik, all can be done in a flash. To use it, we want to share the simple steps you need to do on PC and mobile phones. Let’s start with the first one.

How to Use SmallTik on PC

The way to use SmallTik is actually quite simple. All you need is the video links and just those. After you obtain them, you can start downloading them right away. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. To download tik tok Snap video, you need to first visit the TikTok web
  2. In order to get the video links, accessing the TikTok web should make the process easier
  3. Login in to your account
  4. Find your favorite videos and copy their links
  5. Access SmallTik website
  6. Paste the links there, and don’t forget to click Download
  7. Enjoy the results!

How to Use SmallTik on Android and iPhone

The methods on both phones are the same, with the same initial necessity to obtain the videos’ links first.

  1. Open TikTok App
  2. Find the videos you want to download
  3. Copy their links
  4. Paste those links in SmallTik website
  5. Click Download, and enjoy the quality videos!

Why It’s Better

There are several reasons why SmallTik could be your best tool to download SnapTik video youtube. One of which is it’s free. Yes, you can freely use it anytime you want to download TikTok videos anywhere.

You don’t have to register and verify your account. The site is also light and easy to access. As you might see above, the whole process is also quite easy to do. SmallTik offers multiple output formats (currently MP4 and MP3), and the number will increase in time.

The videos will be downloaded in high quality and without watermarks. So for those of you who wish to re-edit the footage, feel free to do so after obtaining permission from the original creator.

Final Thoughts

Downloading TikTok videos is easy, but there are many easier ways to do so. We highly recommend using third-party apps, like SmallTik, to download Snap Tik Tok video since it’s easier, simple, and more convenient.