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Use SmallTik for TikTok Free Download for PC

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SmallTik is an online tool that can help you with TikTok free download for PC. It doesn’t contain any pop-up ads. SmallTik is a fast and reliable service that can easily allow you to download TikTok videos without any issues and is completely free. It is also a safe site, so there are no chances of you getting compromised online. All you have to do is follow some steps displayed in this post and enjoy watching the videos you love so much from your favorite app anytime and anywhere!

  1. Is This Service Genuinely Free?
  2. How Do I Download TikTok Free For PC?
  3. Is There Any Complication Involved During Updates?

Is This Service Genuinely Free?

The most frequently asked question by our users and others who have recently heard about SmallTik. Let us clear all your doubts and announce it loudly for people in the back: THIS SERVICE IS COMPLETELY FREE!
Yes, TikTok free download for PC is made possible by the creative owners of SmallTik. And yes, they are generous enough to let you gain access to all of those videos on TikTok for free.
So, whether it is TikTok you’re using or the TikTok lite, you can easily download videos from each, using your PC, for free.
Notice the word ‘PC’ and ‘Free’ constantly revolving here? Because it is true! Usually, such services are allowed only for mobile devices that too after a bunch of VPN and other shady installations.
SmallTik is designed to give users a friendly experience by letting them enjoy their favorite TikTok videos offline on their PC without any hidden payment or downloading or any other clicking that will question its credibility. And the best part: It is free! In today’s world, when basically everything is based on money or other services, this online downloading tool allows you to access it without any additional or hidden agendas!

How Do I Download TikTok Free For PC?

Now let’s discuss how you can download TikTok free for your PC. All you have to do is follow the steps we’re about to list below. Remember to follow them precisely as they are for a great experience:

  1. Click on your browser available on your PC and search for ‘SmallTik.’ There is no specific browser for this. You can use any functional.
  2. After opening the site, use a new tab to open TikTok.
  3. Search for your desired videos, say funny comedy ones made by khaby or anyone else you usually see.
  4. Upon opening the video, you will see a ‘copy URL’ option on the right side of your screen. It should be available below the video. Anyways, click on it.
  5. Now paste that URL into the input bar of SmallTik; next to it, you’ll see a download option.
  6. Click on it and let your video download. This will appear below the browser on your screen, where usually every download goes. It will be assigned to the folder set manually by your PC.
  7. Right-click on the downloaded video will give you an option of opening it in a folder. This allows you to see where the video is stored, and you can move it accordingly.
  8. Open the video and enjoy watching it without worrying about the glitchy internet or slow speed, or any other hassle that makes you scream with frustration!

Is There Any Complication Involved During Updates?

Now that we have explained the process let’s get towards the slight complication.
So, the above process goes smoothly for Windows and Mac OS, but with the newest updates, there will be no free download available for your PC if you’re using a Mac.
This policy is not just for TikTok but for every other social media and entertainment or information site. The reason is that the services of Apple are strictly against piracy. To end the culture, they are against downloading anything directly from a browser. For such cases or devices, to be precise, all you have to do is install an additional app.
Yes, we can hear your brain ticking!
But some things are beyond our levels of control. Install a ‘Readdle’ app.
When you install a readdle app, it will allow you to gain access to TikTok or TikTok lite videos for free download on your PC.
The process for installing remains the same.
You copy the URL and paste it, but you open everything after using the readdle app.
For Windows, there will be no need to install any other app. This policy is just for users of Apple.


To summarise all the above, you can download TikTok for free on your PC using the convenient and reliable services of an online downloading tool called SmallTik. It will allow you to watch all TikTok videos offline on your PC with your friends and family or on your own. And it won’t charge you a dime!